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Dr. Rose Zacharias MD CCFP
For OMA President-Elect 2021

Thanks Giving.

Welcome!  and thanks for joining me here on this page on Thanksgiving weekend.  So MUCH to be thankful for…really.  In my life there is health and goodness, growing children and a loving husband and always always underneath it all, an absolute confidence that God loves me.  Does this translate into unending happiness, well-mannered kids, a deep sense of contentment and my laundry always done? NO!  Life brings challenges and days that are tough and seasons that rattle and frustrate me.  I have figured something out though.  The very best soothing balm for my weary soul is a good talk.  An honest connection with some-one, someone who is willing to be vulnerable about their stuff and invite me to be transparent about mine.  I believe this is God’s design for soul-health, to be loved by Him and to often experience this love of His through each other…and we do that, you know, when we share our stories.  And so today I am thankful for each one of my guests on Intersection; Linda, Dmitry, Maria, Warren, Marissa, Ann, Sue, Julie and Toni.  Each of them chose to be honest and brave in the telling of their personal journey and perspective on faith.  I’m so glad and so grateful to have been given that gift, and of course, it’s a gift given to you too, as you listen in on their stories.  So go ahead, receive the gift, lean in and listen.  Each honest and transparent episode has the potential to lift you up, encourage you and inspire you.  God is in their stories.  God loves you to.  If you really lean in and really really listen, you will hear that too.

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