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Episode 29 – Jay and Steph – The Incredible Story of Nate

When our faith is strong and grounded it can shock us when we need it most. When there’s every reason to cry and scream in sadness or anger, God brings that proverbial peace that passes understanding. This peace can only be understood when you are in the middle of receiving it. Jay and Steph’s story is a heart-wrenching story. I hope you listen to it and reflect on your own faith for a moment. It’s impossible to imagine how we might react in similar circumstances – but may it cause us to reflect on how we react in day to day events, so that if God ever puts us into a much bigger and deeper moment we will automatically turn to Him for all we need when we need Him most.

3 thoughts on “Episode 29 – Jay and Steph – The Incredible Story of Nate”

  1. Elya (Mabee) Haegens

    I knew you had recorded your interview with Jay and Steph, and it has taken me this long to listen to it.
    I will never forget where I was when I heard the news about Nate. I was sitting in the nursery with my son. He had been up all night and crying, and I didn’t know what was wrong. I was a first-time mom and I was frustrated and exhausted. And then Punky sent me a message about Steph.
    I held Calum and I wept and I prayed for them, and I hurt for them. And I remember looking at my son and feeling so selfish for feeling exhaustion and frustration, thinking how dare I – Steph and Jay would give anything to hold Nate at any moment, and here I am with the precious gift of my son, and I should be so grateful.
    I carry their family in my heart constantly, I never forget Nate and I think about him, having never met him, I pray for their family on a regular basis.
    The part of your interview where Jay states that ‘God does not give us a spirit of fear…’ is something that I found so uplifting today. It fills me with a sense of peace and comfort and belief that it is so so so true.
    I sometimes live my life as a parent to my 2 children in a spirit of fear – all the ‘what if’s’ can consume you. And that’s not the intent of God’s purpose for us.
    Thank you for helping Jay and Steph share their story.
    Loved hearing their truth and I feel so uplifted in my faith today.

    1. Thanks so much for reaching out. I too have ben so encouraged by their story – when i think of all the things i fear or worry about as a mom – and to think God says “don’t fear” ‘don’t worry’ – it is wonderful to hear how Jay and Steph have experienced this truth of God that applies to us all. Be encouraged! and thanks for listening!!


  2. A moving, honest, and powerful interview about God’s goodness in the midst of tragedy. I admire the faith of Jay and Steph after listening to their account!

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