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Episode 19 – Mike – The Pursuit of Happiness

Welcome to Episode 19 of Intersection. Today I sit down for a coffee chat with my good friend (and neighbour!) Mike Shard. I respect Mike so much for his intelligent mind and unique kindness. I also love how he is so willing to dialogue about faith and spirituality and dive into those “deeper” questions. With his career experience as both lawyer and police officer, he is well-positioned to offer thoughtful insight into understanding conflict and the human condition and how it all relates to our search for happiness and meaning in life. Although Mike doesn’t like to label himself, he says his faith position falls somewhere between atheism and agnosticism. I think this episode is just another example of how when two people of different faith perspectives open up and speak honestly, without judgement, some amazing things can happen. This episode will challenge and better equip you to have these types of conversations yourself. Enjoy!

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