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Episode 18 – Anne D – Face to Face With the End of Life

We all know we will die someday, but for most of us it seems so distant. Until one day you are in your doctor’s office and you get the diagnosis. Some of those conversations lead to hope and a will to fight, but others offer no hope for recovery. What would you do if you know the end was so close? In this episode meet Anne, who finds herself face to face with a terminal diagnosis – but she does have a hope which for some of us may be hard to imagine. I hope this episode causes you to reflect on your own mortality and the one who gives us life here on earth, but also for all of eternity.

1 thought on “Episode 18 – Anne D – Face to Face With the End of Life”

  1. Thank You for giving me this gift of Anne’s voice and her zest for Life. As you already know Anne passed away peacefully on 12 January 2018. God took her before she lost her voice which as you probably ascertained would have hurt her immensely. Up until a week before her death we talked about you coming up for a follow up discussion with Anne to discuss her further journey in Trusting in Jesus. God Bless. John

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