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Dr. Rose Zacharias MD CCFP
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Episode 15 – Neil – Heart to God, Hand to Man

It must be hard to be a Christian in the business world – balancing your own ethics against those of our culture. It must be even more difficult when that business is a charity. In this episode you will meet Neil Hetherington. Neil is a Christian who made a career change from the real estate industry to the board rooms of some of the best known charities in our country – including Habitat for Humanity and Dixon-Hall. Neil has always been guided by the notion of “heart to God, hand to man” and discusses candidly, with honesty and vulnerability, the ups and downs of living this statement to its full potential. See how his faith intersects with the real world of business.

2 thoughts on “Episode 15 – Neil – Heart to God, Hand to Man”

  1. Great interviews. Thank you for doing this. My heart has been tugged at, my mind has been challenged by the last interview and my faith has been stirred by those who have experienced depths of pain I hope I never know.
    Blessings to you Rose.

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