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Episode 13 – Sharon – Light in the Darkness

How do you respond to indescribable loss? Or cope, when you feel like God has taken one of your most prized possessions from you. In this episode I interview Sharon Kelsall. Sharon talks about how her and her family’s life turned upside down one January night when she received that phone call which every parent dreads. Anger, rejection, isolation would all have been understandable reactions. Instead she describes something completely different and comes to embrace that peace that “passes all understanding”.

2 thoughts on “Episode 13 – Sharon – Light in the Darkness”

  1. Dear Rose….How very honoured to hear of such a podcast that shows Gods faith and hope in and through the lives of Gods annointed.

    Today was a glimpse into the life of one I call friend, Sharon Kelsall. What a privilege of His reminder of walking along side a family in the deepest of losses
    Witness the continued work of a family (this mom/wife/servant) using her loss to show forth His plan even when loosing her sweet “Amanda’.

    I go to Emmanuel Baptist in Barrie and first heard about this family as prayer was our priority as a church when we heard this tragedy. (For me and my hubby.. .it hit us hard as we, too, in 2003…lost our firstborn son, Shaun, in a car accident.) The depth of pain understood was overwhelming and knew…that day, I had to reach out to this hurting family.

    Long story short…I wrote them a long letter of our loss and the journey of hope and peace that carried us through (four younger children as well) when faced with the overbearing pain of saying. Goodbye to our 17 year old.

    God knew my heart and decision years ago over the body of my dying son; that while I did not like this PLAN, from this day forward I would accept His plan. Thus….using my heartache and loss to come along side the hurting and walk their journey with them.

    God had hubby Dave and myself start facilitating a GRIEFSHARE GROUP ….’from Mournibg to Joy’ and praise God in first night of new year….Sharon Kelsall walked in so early in her grief and God had us meet for the first time. I recognized her name and said I am the mom whom wrote you. GOD orchestrated this perfect timing and how blessed to watch Sharon and John take this precious program for the hurting and witness their deep faith and love for God admidst the devasting loss of their daughter.

    Today…I feel honoured to call them friends and celebrate Gods goodness amongst the worst storm of their lives. Add todays Podcast; even my reminder of how far God has taken them (us) and today praise God for His work in and through His will and watch, as the Kelsalls show forth Gods promises. He had a plan, He was faithful and continues to use our mess and that become our ‘message’ for both our families.

    I am amongst the many whom pray for Amandas students at University and we together pray for each, salvation. What a testimony Amandas life brought and through her legacy her family continues to carry on … honouring the desires of Amandas heart to reach the lost. God has indeed uaed her family to carry on this torch and see, miracles happen.

    Thanks again for Gods witness shown in t)his interview with dear Sharon. Tears flowed and flowed as I heard her heart and knew the depth of sorrow in my own loss; yet blessings that come.

    We entrust, as God uses your show…. Gods hope is indeed found as His children (like Sharon) share and thus wirness God’s story proclaimed as truth and HOPE only Jesus can give!!!

  2. I recently met John & Sharon Kelsall in person. Truly a heartbreaking experience for the family to loose their beautiful daughter Amanda. They have endured a very tragic loss, truly a parent’s worse nightmare, but they have leaned on their Faith and are such an inspiration as they honor Amanda’s life.

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