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Episode 12 – Krista – Olympic Glory …. To God

Welcome to episode 12 of Intersection! Today I sit down with Canadian Olympic marathon runner Krista Duchene. She returned a few months ago from the Rio games where she ran an incredible marathon in the searing heat. But Krista is not just a runner, she’s a mom and wife, and she’s a Christian. In this episode Krista describes her journey to the Olympics and all the training and discipline that requires, and the absolute joy and accomplishment of crossing the finish line in Rio. Of course her faith and real life intersect and she’s so genuine when she explains that nothing compares to the life she has found in Christ. What a perspective. I’m certain you will love this episode whether you are a runner, or admire our Olympic athletes, or admire a champion who gives all the glory to the God who created her to run fast! (Photo credit: Canadian Olympic Committee/David Jackson)

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