Bringing YOUR message forward

Dr. Rose Zacharias MD CCFP
For OMA President-Elect 2021

I believe the OMA has the position and the power to ease the burden of complex patient care, create better work environments, advocate for our high value, and showcase us to the people of Ontario as the healthcare leaders we are.

As President-Elect of the Ontario Medical Association I will build trust and deepen the integrity of relationships as my voice brings your message forward.

Doctors work hard. The OMA works hard for you.

For the first 15 years of my career, I thought the OMA had little to add to my lived-experience as a physician.  I paid my dues but deleted most emails.  However, I was working alongside surgeons who were working hard, desperate to retire and still taking overnight call 1-in-2, internist colleagues who were never seeing their children, and family doctors who were chained to their practices, tired, struggling and still caring compassionately for others.  So many obstacles existed between our love for medicine and the meaning we wanted in our work.  Since being elected to the OMA Board of Directors, I have found the support we need.  This is an organization that is in our corner, every single day.  We will only be the best doctors we can be in Ontario when we leverage the support we have at the OMA.


Physician Leader


Wellness Advocate


Conversation Catalyst

The OMA is listening to the 40 000 physicians across Ontario.  
Sitting at the OMA Board and at the Governance and Nominating Committee is an incredible opportunity to help bring about a governance modernization process at the OMA that will represent ALL physician voices.  In the months and years to come, we will fine-tune and become the most effective, nimble and responsive OMA.  Our members have always needed this.  We will see this implemented.  

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