Shaila Visser is passionate about helping people know Jesus.  She is National Director of Alpha Canada and leads with an infectious energy, solid competence and super fun sense of humour.  You will love this conversation!  Listen in as Shaila shares about her lowest point in life and discovering where her strength would come from.  I also get to ask her what her relationships with non-Christians have taught her about God.  She is one to watch!

What does the Boston Marathon, Spiritual Development and Chiropractic Medicine have in common? A great guy named Dr. Freddie So! In this episode we talk about finding God in the most unlikely of places – from a forgotten Bible collecting dust on a bookshelf to the finish line of an epic race ravaged by an act of evil. Freddie is a chiropractic doctor and also someone who takes amazing care of his body, mind and soul! Listen in!

It will astound you to know that this extremely articulate, wise and influential woman once dropped out of high school, was addicted to drugs and spent time in jail. Her life took an astronomical turn and now she is changing the world with her preaching and teaching. She’s amazing and you will be inspired. Listen in!

Abdu Murray is convinced we live in a culture of confusion and uncertainty. He also believes that Truth can be found. As a former lawyer and Bible scholar, Abdu was not always a Christian. In fact his spiritual background and family heritage were far from recognizing Jesus as a Source of Truth. Listen in as Abdu shares about his own spiritual journey, his Christian convictions and respectfully dialogues with me about how we may think a bit differently.

Are you hiding something? Are you possibly hiding the “true you”? Have you ever thought that if people knew what was really going on inside your head, they would be shocked? DeeAnn Jeremiah is a wonderful wife, mom and has been a Christian her whole life. For years, she sat pretty in the front row at her church playing a part that she knew was not her real authentic self. She desperately wanted to know God’s love and God’s best and where she eventually found it will surprise you. Here’s to peeling back the layers of image and pretend and getting real and finding God. Listen in on our conversation and then go buy her book “Imagine – Stripping Christian Image and Living God’s abundant Real Life”.

I am imagining a day when people who suffer from depression and anxiety feel ONLY depressed and sad and DO NOT feel shame.  I wonder if that day will come.  This day is certainly not that day.  There is stigma and judgment and negative bias towards mental ill-health and because there is this unspoken overlay, it makes it all worse.  Meet Jordan Berta – an extraordinary guy with courage and a huge heart.  His personal struggle with depression and anxiety gives him the right to speak on it’s behalf and speak up he does – for all of us.  We all need to hear his message.  

As the saying goes – we are sure of two things in life – death and taxes.  It would be a stretch to produce an episode on this show on the topic of the intersection of taxes and faith – although I might surprise you one day!  That being said – today we talk about the “other” certainty – death, and we actually honour the very personal story of Cheryl Behan and her husband John. John, with the help of a medical team, pre-determined the day of his dying.  Although this subject has been a controversial one in the medical field, I sit down with Cheryl to hear her story of how she supported her husband through this very difficult and spiritual time.

Life is hard and the difficulties often begin in childhood.  Whether it is circumstances of abuse or neglect, shame or lack of support, many people have experienced adverse childhood events that mark them for life.  Em Dyson, a respected professional psychotherapist shares about her traumatic upbringing and how, over time, she experienced help and hope and healing.  

Marriage can be hard work at the best of times – imagine how difficult it is when your spouse is struggling with depression. Even talking about mental illness can still be so taboo, especially in our churches. Danielle discovered this when her husband was diagnosed with depression – she wanted to help, but how? It wasn’t easy as she slowly watched him drift away from life, their marriage, and family. Unfortunately mental illness affects so many of us – depression and mental illness is everywhere and we need to know what to do when someone close to us is going through this. That’s when we need each other most. Hear all about this firsthand from Danielle Foisy.

It’s episode 34! Jared Brock is a man of many talents, including growing a beard. So he wrote a book about it – well sort of. His latest book, Bearded Gospel Men, represents his epic quest for manliness and godliness. He profiles men throughout history (who happen to be bearded, probably) who boldly stood for their spiritual convictions. This is what Jared wishes for every man today (and women too). The book will inspire you and our conversation will challenge you and  probably make you laugh too. I hope it will make you think differently about God and beards.